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Homepage Title: AOL.com - News, Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Local & Lifestyle
Description: AOL offers today's news, sports, stock quotes, weather, movie reviews, TV trends and more. Get free email, AIM access, online radio, videos and horoscopes -- all on AOL.com!
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AOL (America Online) was once on top of the world as the most popular dial-up Internet Service Provider until new advancements in broadband technology forced the company to move into a new direction as an online media company with assets that include some of the most popular online media portals in existence today.

Beginning way back in the early 1980's, AOL was called something completely different. In fact, it was an online gaming service for the old Atari 2600 video game console called GameLine from the Control Video Corporation (CVC) founded by Bill von Meister.

CVC had other aspirations, such as the licensing of music online, but such proposals were rejected by large media companies sych as Time Warner. The GameLine product remained its only offering until 1985, with two new names at the top of the company's management team, Steve Case and Jim Kimsey.

Jim Kimsey took the remnants of the network established for GameLine and created a new online service for the Commodore 64 and 128 computers called Quantum Link (or Q-link). Shortly thereafter they also rolled out similar services for Apple II called AppleLink and by 1988 also supported IBM-compatible PCs with PC-Link.

In 1989, the company decided that instead of having individual applications and services for each type of computer, it would combine all of them into a single product. That is when "America Online" was born.

In the early 1990's, there were still only a few online services out there, however competitors such as Prodigy, CompuServe and Genie seemed to melt away that eternal September 1993 when America Online launched its support for Usenet newsgroups, enabling nationwide communications across an Internet connected platform for sharing messages and files. Near the same time, a new chat room service was developed where conversations with two or more people were now possible, as opposed to single user to user messaging.

America Online would soon add a variety of new content to its service, using the Internet to connect its subscribers to the world especially in the area of education. Improvements in the Graphical User Interface of Windows made it possible for further improvements to AOL's services. The term 'keyword' began popping up on television advertisements for big brands making their pages easy to find on America Online.

However the mid 1990's brought about several changes in technology that would change the online landscape drastically. The mozilla web browser and emerging products such as Internet Explorer meant that anyone could access graphical content across the world wide web without having to pay a rate based fee to access the Internet. In fact, the founder of MPW competed with AOL as an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) that grew out from a network of BBS systems that were now accessible through Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 using its built in Dial Up Networking support and custom web browser software. Many ISPs charged a flat fee for access. Still AOL battled hard for its standing in the marketplace, flooding the market with free floppy disks and CD-Roms in the mail and on the counters of many major retail stores.

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The aol.com domain was created on October 3rd 2009 and is owned by AOL Inc., 22000 AOL Way.
It is set to expire on November 24th 2013.

The last known status of aol.com was: clientTransferProhibited.


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Aol.com Is Worth an Estimated Value of $3 Billion

Estimated Daily Ad Revenue: 49256.56

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